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(Seabird Island, Agassiz BC ) – Seabird Island Band, in Agassiz British Columbia, is happy to inform the communities-at-large of their recent Pronouncement Ceremony on November 14th; with Steven Point and Mark Point officiating the event. Seabird Island Band is 1 of 7 Bands under their Tiyt Territory. The seven bands are: Chawathil, Peters, Popkum, Seabird Island, Skawahlook, Shxwowhamel, Union Bar and Yale.

The 8 traditional names have been a part of the Seabird people and their neighbouring bands under Tiyt for thousands of years. On November 14th, Seabird re-announced just 8 of their traditional Halq’eméylem place names. Three areas of particular interest for many, were the lands we know today, and in the English language as; Agassiz Village (Kent B.C.), Agassiz Research Station and S.E. Corner of Harrison Lake, where Sasquatch Park and Bear Mountain come together. Seabird Island Band has a great Strength of Claim, as well as, those Bands/First Nations who share under the Tiyt Tribe. The history for all of these names and places go far back, and the captivating stories, pictures, data collection and artifacts leave you breathless.

The traditional names pronounced at the ceremony were:

  • Alámex, the current Agassiz Research Station
  • Pèps˜Píps, Hicks Creek
  • Siyó:ylexwe Smá:lt, Bear Mountain
  • Xixewqèyl, Maria Slough
  • Lhewálh, Trout Creek
  • Qwôhóls, Manhood Creek & Johnson Slough

Names are still being researched for Hicks Lake and Deer Lake.

For further information, contact:

Director of Lands & Government Affairs, Marie Vander Heiden. Phone: (604) 796-2177.
Seabird Island Band



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