Look Who is Running- Fur-Real!!!


September 25, 2018 at 10:35 am - Home, MyChilliwackNews
By MyChilliwackNews Editor

The upcoming Feline Civic Election at the Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven is turning into a real cat fight. The fur is starting to fly and it doesn’t look like anyone will be retracting their claws any time soon.

All four catidates are poised to take the lead position on the sunniest windowsill with the best view of the cat feeder. The winning Meowyoral catidate will be announced by the Chief RePurring Officer on October 21st, 2018.

Voting booths are open daily at the Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven at 49843 Chilliwack Central Road Monday to Friday 9AM – Noon and on Caturday from 10am-2pm.

Here are the 4 Meowyoral Catidates.

Dunkin- ” No kitten around here- I want to see a catio in every home.”

Angie – “Paw-don me for wanting to create nine better lives for all.”

Stella – “Boycatt all the other catidates! If you want the purrfect one- vote for me.”

Fred – “I’ve got the right cattitude to get the job done- after my nap.”

Turn out for past Feline Elections has been paw-ful. The catidates are encouraging all to take a few meow-ments and drop by the Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven and vote. While you’re there check out who is running for pouncillor.



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