Transition & Resource Fair 2018


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By MyChilliwackNews Editor

Life After High School
We’re holding a Transition & Resource Fair 2018!
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 6pm to 8pm
Location: Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Alumni Hall
Chilliwack Secondary School
46361 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC


The goal of the Transition & Resource Fair is to provide Youth and Young Adults living with Disabilities and their families with information on Education, Community Services, Health, Housing, Transportation, Recreation, Employers and Job related services and programs that are available to assist them in planning for their future. The target demographic for the fair is middle school to age 30.

Importance of a Transition Fair
“Concern for poor student outcomes after graduation has led to the development of activities to increase post- secondary success. In an effort to fill the gap for students with disabilities, transition fairs have become a component of the larger transition services continuum. Research into transition practices has illustrated that post-secondary outcomes of students with disabilities improve when educators, families, students, and community members and organizations work together to implement a broad perspective of transition planning, more appropriately referred to as transition-focused education (Kohler & Field, 2002).”
(National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (2014). Transition Fair Toolkit. Western Michigan University, Rashell Bowerman, Lydia Schuck, June E. Gothberg, Jennifer L. Coyle, and Paula D. Kohler.Copyright 2014, by the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University)

Chilliwack And Fraser Cascade Committee
The Committee, made up of representatives from CSCL, CLBC and GT Hiring, has conducted many Transition Fairs, mostly recently in 2015. Previous fairs were well attended and this year the committee was able to obtain financial resources to hire a Coordinator to help with the many tasks. Our thanks go to agencies such as Bethesda, CLBC, MCFD-CYSN, School District #33, Pathways, and the team at CSCL for supporting this important process in the lives of young people.

The 2018 Fair will be held at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre from 6 to 8 pm with music from the CSCL Glee Club, Rob Battis on guitar, a panel hosted by former Executive Director, Brenda Gillette and including two CSCL Individuals, a CSCL employee and Darren Bosch, General Manager of Murray Honda – an employer of CSCL individuals. The Fair will host 20-25 Exhibitors – from Education to Job related services so that individuals and their families can ask questions, get information and meet the wonderful people that provide services.

This is a fun event with pizza and prizes – we want to encourage young people to start thinking about Life After High School now – preparation and knowledge will assist them with their steps to plan their future.

CSCL has supported many individuals to achieve their goals of employment, independence, participation in recreation and community services. The Transition Fair is just one of the methods that have helped them achieve those goals.



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