Sprinkler Extinguishes Fires


March 27, 2018 at 5:07 am - Home, Local Chilliwack News, MyChilliwackNews
By MyChilliwackNews Editor

At 2:51am this morning, firefighters from Chilliwack firehalls 1 and 4 responded to a fire alarm activated in a 4 storey supportive housing building located in the 8900 block of School Street.

Firefighters accessed the building and found the fire alarm annunciator indicating a fourth floor fire detection device had activated. Fire crews accessed the 4th floor to find a sprinkler head had activated due to a number of fires intentionally set in the suite. A single sprinkler had controlled and extinguished the fires.

Firefighters confirmed the fires were out and shut off the sprinkler system.

Majority of the damage in the unit was related to multiple fires apparently set intentionally by the lone tenant. There was minor water damage to the units below.

There were no firefighter injuries.

Chilliwack Fire Department and RCMP fire investigators are continuing with their investigation.



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